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Gut DR.

Let your healing begin

Thank you for choosing to use my services!

I am excited to help you with your gut health and health journey.

I have been through some major life challenging events and hence,

I understand your pain.

I am here to help you and support you in this journey.

Book your 90 day journey today!

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Common signs of LEAKY GUT

Gas, Bloating, Constipation




Difficulty concentrating, memory loss

All unexplained Skin problems,

such as acne, rashes, or eczema

Joint pain/ Stiffness

Morning grogginess

adrenal fatigue

Heavy nutritional deficiencies


Lets educate you

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But When you go to conventional doctor

They say nothing is wrong with you,

Its all in your head!

Truth is, you need help

I will work with you extensively to help you with your

gut recovery and immune system correction

along with weight loss.

It is support on call 24/7 for 90 days!

I am very selective in the clients I serve because I respect everyone's time.

Your full participation is vital to a successful outcome.

Coachability is the most important factor. There is no healing without partnership in functional medicine.

You are not just a number like conventional medicine.

This is a 90-day program where we chat on daily basis. It's more intense in the beginning and there are scheduled coaching calls on food choices, lifestyle management, emotional rebalancing and how to reprogram the subconscious to break free from the old habits and create new neuronal pathways.

Scheduled sessions every 2 weeks for 45-60 minutes and weekly follow up of 20-25 minutes on progress and support.

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Gut is the first brain, everything we eat has to go through GUT first

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Your gut is the gateway to great health

- Dr. Mansi Shah

Food for healthy brain
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Leaky GUt Audio

Once the test results arrive we will be working on rebalance and natural ways to combat microbiome imbalance

Listen to this Gut health Video.

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watch this!

6 Rs of gut healing is my methodology!

1. Remove

2. Restore

3. Repair

4. Reinoculate

5. Rebalance

6. Regenerate

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Probiotics for healthy gut


Remove step is a must & first, it is one of the most important aspect of the Gut Health.

Detox juice


The first R calls to remove all foods that cause any kind of negative effect on the body. Eliminating all processed, foodlike products loaded with chemicals is paramount. Only whole foods. But even certain whole foods can affect you negatively in many different ways. These ways include acidification (which can lead to diarrhea and osteoporosis), mucus formation (which causes congestion and a runny nose), constipation, immune response (skin issues), inflammation, and a myriad of other expressions of food sensitivities.

It is also important to remove the chemicals from other sources. Another key aspect is removing the harmful bacteria from the intestines.

This way, you will starve the bad bacteria, allowing the good ones to thrive and survive.

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The Don'ts

Any baked goods

Sugar , dairy and gluten

Table salt

Hidden toxin in food

Fried Foods

Destroys Gut lining through free radicals




As you remove the obstacles that are preventing you from looking and feeling your best, you need to also restore whatever is lacking. Antioxidants are important to buffer the surge of free radicals that occurs initially when the body starts detoxing intensely.

Important as well is the presence and availability of the nutrients needed for the biotransformation and detoxification reactions in the liver and gut such as unclogging liver, spleen and replacing digestive enzymes.


Herbal Dietary Supplements

Your body has an innate ability to heal itself and is constantly trying to repair whatever damage it suffers. There are two main reasons repair cannot be achieved at times: due to obstacles such as toxic molecules or trigger foods that interfere with these processes and things such as specific nutrients needed by the repair cells are lacking.

When you remove the obstacles and you provide what is lacking, everything falls into place and repair happens seamlessly. In functional medicine, we understand the importance of empowering the body to reach its full healing potential.


Natural Food for Gut
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Healthy Gut

Using the right probiotic with clinical evidence to show the colony building is the right way to use probiotics & that's the reason I use this unique formulation, Click on the link to find out more


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Mind,Body &Soul

Embryonic Stem Cell Microscope on a Light Blue Background


Stem cells can help repair any damage in the gut and improve the overall gut health of a patient.

Stem cells have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing inflammation in the gut can help ensure the survival of healthy bacteria.

I have gone through this procedure myself and has been one of the best investment in myself

Sickle Cell Cardiovascular
Stem Cell Viral Attack
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Secure your BrainTap today for Rapid Transformation, Click Image

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Struggling with autoimmune?

That's my specialty through

Gut health

Order your blend today

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Correct the Immune system

through evidence based powerful nutraceuticals

Click on the picture to order today

Want to just order the labs?

That option is available as well

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Your most important LAB, Please order by clicking on the image

Leaky Gut Complete

Use coupon code: drmansi

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A wealth of evidence suggests that the good bacteria in our gut, in the right places and in the correct ratios between species, is vital to our well-being. Affecting your weight; your chances of being obese, becoming diabetic, or having your immune system attack your own cells; the bacteria in your gut have far-reaching consequences well beyond where they live in your body. They feed on whatever you feed yourself. When the good bacteria are fueled by a natural, well-balanced diet, they thrive and in turn help the body in many ways that we are yet discovering.

These good bacteria, however, die when fed highly processed food-like products or any real food with preservatives. These chemicals are put in foods to prevent the bacteria from growing and spoiling it, completely disregarding the fact that they will also spoil your intestinal flora.

The unnatural way in which we eat ends up changing our intestines in a negative way, creating a condition known as dysbiosis. This is a major contributor to hyperpermeability, or leaky gut, which is at the very root of many of today's chronic diseases.

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Nutribiotest & Leaky Gut Complete will play a huge role when it comes to the labs needed, if any more labs required then we will order

Putting your dollar to use in the most accurate place to heal your body is my goal.

Every 2 weeks we will be re-assessing the protocols based on the healing progress.

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MY unique Functional medicine methodology teaches the importance of the mind-body-soul connection. It promotes the use of many tools such as biofeedback, meditation, movement, fun activities, and vacation time.

So many people are intimidated by the word meditation and their misconception of what it is, but this practice can be simple, short, and can be done at any time of the day. And it really helps, BrainTap is game changer in how it will work in your life.

Clients with lifechanging stories

I am grateful I found Dr. Mansi for my gut health.

I have been on this journey of healing my gut only for 40 days and things have drastically changed for me.

I have learned a lot during my journey with her. I highly recommend Dr. Mansi's services for gut health and autoimmune disease to anyone struggling with western medicine.

I struggled with my health for almost 10 years without any resolution but now I have a permanent solution that I can rely on

-a grateful client D

Dr Mansi Shah is so gifted and easy to work with. She guides you through subtle changes in lifestyle and nutrition to get the results you need for better health. She helped me immensely this last year and I am feeling better than I have in years! I am off all prescriptions and living my best life again.

Thank you, Dr. Mansi Shah, for all that you do for your clients.

-grateful client Sheri

My Experience With Dr. Mansi Shah

Weight Loss and Functional Medicine

When I first met Dr. Shah, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had read about her online and it seemed like she was knowledgeable, but sometimes it's hard to know for sure until you meet someone in person.

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to meet her at a wellness party. After a nutrition scan and some time discussing my health and my health goals, Dr. Shah helped me to get set up on a weight loss program as well as some nutritional and GI supplements.

She also gave me direction on some lifestyle changes including a slight change in what I was eating, as well as maintaining consistent exercise.

In the first 4 weeks, I dropped 13 pounds. It was certainly encouraging to see such fast results. Even my friends were commenting on how different I looked. I have noticed that I feel much better and have substantially more energy than I did prior to following her advice. I’m continuing on my journey in health, and plan to continue working with Dr. Shah.

In appreciation of her guidance, Robert J. Lewis

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Your health is an investment
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A True Doctor wants you to heal & live your best life.

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That's my only wish for


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Dont take your Gut health for granted, every disease is born there and it is the true gateway to happiness.

I was my first patient at the age of 23 while I got severely sick and that has made me a phenomenal doctor.

I had to solve my own case.

Hire a functional medicine doctor today and get ahead on your health,

The truth is that health is not valued until sickness comes.

Just looking for a one time consult?

No worries , grab this one time special price for your first consult

so we can get started

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Look forward to being a part of your healing journey

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Your healing is

my commitment,

because you matter.


Dr. Mansi Shah